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  • Eva Rimbau-Gilabert

    Eva Rimbau-Gilabert

    Always learning about work & management in knowledge intensive organizations; well-being; teaching and e-learning

  • Workruit


    A new-age, simple and mobile job search platform. Check out

  • Alex Gordon

    Alex Gordon

    Inveterate lefty trade unionist train driver given to sarcasm when tired

  • Keith Nottonson

    Keith Nottonson

    Born in New York. Lives in San Francisco. Former aspiring novelist. Guitarist in make-believe band.

  • Sarah Harvey

    Sarah Harvey

    Getting results and maintaining relationships one Savvy Conversation at a time. Implementing Savvy People Management. Also CIPD Sussex Branch Chair.

  • Real Time Graduates

    Real Time Graduates

    Connecting graduates with the Greek Shipping Cluster.

  • Pam Kennett

    Pam Kennett

    People and organisation effectiveness consultant delivering positive change and engagement

  • Paul Namisi

    Paul Namisi

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